Friday, January 8, 2010


Aerial games have always interested me since I started gaming. Before that, I was surrounded by all manner of aircraft hobbies. My father in particular was/is an RC airplane enthusiast so he had a giant influence on my love of planes. Fast forward a couple of years, add some video game influence, and a better understanding of aerial gaming and we get TTG's first foray in gaming. AeroPunk combines all the fantastic elements of video game aircombat and puts it on the table top. While creating the game we drew influence from such classic arcade games as Raiden Jet and Strikers 1945. The game itself can be played with as little as 4 miniatures (2 a side) and will feature a pilot experience system so players can take green pilots and turn them into aces! Also, the game will be hexless relying on the miniatures hex base for turning.

We are also going to do a miniature line for the game. Rye is currently talking to a 3D designer to do some aircraft for rapid prototyping. the miniatures will then be cast in resin or metal depending on cost. Stay tuned for some concept artwork and game details.



  1. So one could use minis such as these on the bottom of the page ?

  2. But of course! I am also thinking that the line of micro fighters from Iron wind metals would be good to use as minis (Cheap too!). I am going to eventually make an excel sheet that will allow gamers to make up any aircraft they want to use. I will also include the formulas in the rulebook so you can do the math manually!